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Property Insurance for Nitrogen Ice Cream Shops

There is a new Ice Cream craze in Florida. It is Nitrogen Ice Cream. County Insurance Group had the opportunity to provide Insurance for one of the Nitrogen Ice Cream Stores in West Palm Beach. We at County Insurance Group provide affordable Business Insurance Coverage for all our clients. We go the extra mile to satisfy our nitro1client needs.

Nitrogen ice cream, which has been steadily growing in popularity the past few years, is made by using liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze the cream base. The speedy process does not allow as many ice crystals to form as traditional freezing methods, creating ultra-creamy ice cream. Instant ice cream also can mean a fresher treat, often without preservatives.

Not to mention, it’s really fun to watch. Kids stare in wonder as the liquid nitrogen is released into stainlesnitro2s steel bowls, causing a cool vapor mist that floats over the counter and down to the floor where it evaporates within seconds.

The preparation process is computerized so that employees drop ingredients into commercial stand mixers and the liquid nitrogen flows in from a 30,000-pound tank through special plumbing attached to each station.

Seeking affordable Business Insurance Coverage is our specialty. We at County Insurance Group  look forward to the opportunity to quote your Business Insurance.