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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance– County Insurance Group are committed to place your Business insurance  with one of our  partners.Get covered

We can get coverage for your business.  

We specialize in the finding coverage for you and your business.That type of matchmaking can only be achieved with our Agency’s understanding of the marketplace and your needs.Commercial Auto policies are highly customizable. County  Auto Insurance provide coverage for every business. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance protects business vehicles that are used to ferry inventory, goods, employees and equipment. The insurance is used for repairs when vehicles are damaged in accidents or to replace them when the vehicles cannot be repaired. In some cases, the company may not have vehicles but employees use their own vehicles to conduct company business. This is where non-owned auto liability comes in. Any employee who is in an accident while conducting company business and who doesn’t have their own insurance is covered by this policy.

Commercial Auto Policy

There are similarities with a personal Auto policy and a Commercial Auto policy however there are distinct differences as they relate to eligibility, definitions, coverages, exclusions and limits. Most of the Commercial Auto policies are “named driver only” policies that specify only the drivers listed on the policy as the allowed operator of the vehicles.  At times this could amount to several drivers and therefore create a different exposure than it would in a personal auto policy.

The Coverages are Bodily Injury which pays for injury or death resulting from an accident for which you are at fault. Property Damage provides protection and legal defense if your vehicle accidently damages another person’s property. Combined Single Limit has the same dollar limit amount per occurrence whether they are bodily injury or property damage. Medical Payments pays for medical expenses of the driver and passengers in your vehicle regardless of fault.

Personal Injury Coverage pays for medical services and loss of income regardless of fault. Uninsured Motorist coverage pays for injuries to persons in your car caused by an uninsured or a hit and run driver. Collision Coverage pays for damage or replacement of your vehicle in the event of an accident or the collision with a fixed object. Comprehensive Coverage pays for theft, vandalism, flood, fire and other other perils.

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Internal Revenue-Commercial Auto Insurance: you can deducts cost of automobile if you use it to conduct business